Antenna Systems

Test the Possibilities

When there is a need for wireless technology testing, the preferred choice is Wideband Antennas. With our team’s years of experience and our advanced technologies and testing capabilities, we have positioned ourselves to be an industry leader in the wireless field.

Wideband Antennas can measure Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR); pattern; gain and efficiency—in frequencies from 10MHz through 100GHz.

Our experienced team of antenna engineers and PhDs has over 100 years of combined, hands-on experience. Wideband Antennas is skilled in every type of wireless technology and, in addition, we can also provide controlled in-laboratory testing, computer-aided three-dimensional modeling and onsite analysis of the testing data.

If your product needs comprehensive RF testing for both current and emerging standards, including troubleshooting, optimization and radome effect, Wideband Antennas can provide the services that will yield definitive data and superior results that will lead to success in the marketplace.

For more information on how our testing capabilities can provide a solution for you, please call Wideband Antennas on (866) 951-1500, or click here to send an email.